Friday, July 30, 2010

Where Did This Week Go?

It can't be Friday already!! I'm suppose to have two more weeks before school starts. I need to find out where Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday went. At least I can't say I have been bored this summer. And this week was no exception.

Yesterday, my mom and I spent the whole day doing some back-to-school shopping. I still needed quite a few things for my class (too bad I had given a lot of my stuff away back in 2007) , so the first stop was the teacher supply store. I feel like I'm ready now with supplies. I could have spent hours in that store. Too many things! Now I just need to take everything I have to school. Meet Your Teacher is scheduled for the 12th, so that is the deadline to be done with everything in my classroom. We also found some cute clothes at the mall. Macy's was having some ridiculous sells. I found a really cute pink sweater with ruffles...big surprise! Our last stop was Walmart. I had to buy 33 composition books for school. I will need a cart to help them bring from my car to my room!!! I'm just hoping I won't have 33 students!!

Today started out pretty quiet. Just hung out at home. This afternoon I ran a few errands. Tonight I'm super excited to meet some of our friends from church at the Cheesecake Factory. It is National Cheesecake Day and you can get cheesecake for 1/2 price. Can't beat a deal like that.

Have a great weekend!

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