Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday News

Well, it has been a busy Saturday.  I'm taking a break from my normal Saturday cleaning and watching a little Diamondbacks baseball.  They have not had quite a successful year as last year, but we have been able to enjoy some free tacos from Taco Bell.  Whenever they score 6 runs in a game, we get free tacos the next day.  Let's just say that tacos are on the menu tomorrow!!

Today I attended a surprise baby shower for one of the teachers at our school.  This is our 6th teacher at school that is pregnant.  I actually think they are having trouble finding long term subs.  It was a jungle theme, so it was decorated very cute.  The animal theme cupcakes were just to die for.  You really didn't want to eat them especially the giraffe cupcake.  We have some very creative teachers/secretaries.  I definitely know who to call to get cute party ideas.

My husband is working on a 10 page paper for his technical writing class tonight.  I'm trying to keep things quiet, so he can get it finished before midnight.  For him to go to school full time is definitely a financial hardship, but I believe it will provide for a more stable future.  We both will be glad when December 2013 gets here!

Just want to remind everyone about Thirty-One's September special.  Every customer that spends $31 will be able to purchase another item at 31% off.   Christmas is just a few months away.  It's a great time to get that shopping done.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why Thirty-One Gifts?

Wow!  Was it hard to get up this morning!  Three day weekends are so nice, but 21 first graders were calling my name.  It was time to go back to work.

I have been working in my current school district for  five years now.  Four of those years I have taught something different.  That alone makes things interesting.  I must say it makes me very tired.  I guess that is one of the reasons I have decided to sell Thirty-One.   I'm looking forward to doing something from out of my home where I don't have recreate myself each year.  Also, my husband decided to go back to school full time last year, so any extra income is helpful.  I'm not a salesperson.  I truly believe the products sell themselves.   I always said that I could not sell a band aid to someone who was bleeding.  This new adventure is not about being the best Thirty-One consultant,  It is about upholding all the characteristics of the wife of noble character found in Proverbs 31.  Something I believe in.

Have a great night!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Relaxing Weekend

I had a very nice Labor Day holiday.  I just wish I could always have a 3 day weekend.  I just feel more prepared to go back to school.  Thank goodness that September is loaded with days off.  We didn't really do anything special, but that is okay.  It was just nice to wake-up at 8 and realize I had no place I had to go to today.

I am really enjoying our new home.  It's no mansion, but it is a place I enjoy coming to after a long day.  I just wish it was closer to school.  That is one of the reasons it would be nice to have a school closer to my home.  This will definitely be something I will have to examine as I begin to look to the future.  I just wish I could find someone to do all the yard work!  I keep saying that as soon as it cools down I will tack that lantana.  Thankfully it is still hot!  :)

I guess I should be going to bed.  5 a.m. will be here before I know it.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thirty-One September Specials

Thirty-One is offering an awesome September customer special.  For every $31.00 spent, you are able to get another item for 31% off.  Please check my website for some great purses and totes to compliment your life.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Thirty-One Launch Party

I have created a Thirty-One Launch Party to let everyone know that I'm now selling Thirty-One products.

Please visit my website and click on catalog to view the latest  products from Thirty-One.

If I have 10 orders, I will have a drawing for the Inspiration Case. It's a great bag for carrying laptops.  Thirty-one also offers unbelievable hostess incentives. If you are interested in earning free products, please message me.

Thank you for visiting my website!  Please feel free to share with friends and families.