Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Monday and I'm tired. I can't imagine how tired I will be four weeks from today when I will have spent six hours with 29 second graders on the first day of school!! I kind of freaked out a few days ago when I realized that my summer vacation was just about over. Where did it go?? I hope to make the most of the next three weeks even if it is just sleeping in, reading a good book, going to movies, or enjoying mall air-conditioning! ha! I had to send my educational biography to my principal today. She wants to include some information about new teachers in the welcome back letter to parents. And tomorrow I need to go get my third I.D. badge in three years. Oh the joys of moving around!

We have had a pretty good few days here. After church last night, we went to eat with some friends. We tried a new restaurant call, "Big Daddy's B.B.Q." The pulled pork was pretty good. I even tried fried okra which I liked. It's nice to know that you can get some good B.B.Q in the southwest. We then went to Sprouts for more peaches. Unfortunately I'm still waiting for them to ripen up. I hope I don't get sick of peaches with the amount I'm eating of them! ha!

Today I spent a few hours at Sylvan. Made a stop at The Family's Attic. Stocked up on 19 books for my classroom library. I gave almost all my books away to a teacher in Ohio before we moved Arizona. That was a big, big, BIG mistake!! It's one I'm literally paying for. On to Costco for gas. Walmart for some groceries. Chipotle for some dinner. And I just finished a Beth Moore DVDs that I bought a few months ago. So I guess I know why I might be tired!

I guess I'm going to call it a day.


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