Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I can't believe this week is half over. Summer if flying by. I had a great time yesterday working at the Back to School Clothing Drive. By Friday, they are expecting that over 9,000 kids will have come through the doors. I worked with the Stitches of Love group. 90% of their items had been handmade. I couldn't believe how cute everything was. I even wished they had come in a few sizes larger! Every child received one new outfit (of their choice), uniforms for school, books, shoes, and underwear.

Today, I was at Sylvan and did some Sam's shopping this afternoon. We found these really good crackers, called Risotto Chips. They are made from whole grain brown and Arborio rice. They are suppose to be better for you than regular chips. And the best part is they taste really good! It's always a good thing when you find healthy food that doesn't taste healthy! hehe

I also had a meeting with a lady at our church who heads the community outreach programs. Once a week, I will be working with Burmese refugees to learn English. It is a great program that just started in March. I really did not know much about refugees before meeting with her. What these people have had to endure is just amazing. The people in the refugee camps wait 10-15 years to go to a new country!! That means living in shacks with no services that we take for granted every day here.

It is suppose to be near 116 the next few days. We stayed cool tonight with one of these yummy treats.

You know it is summer in Phoenix when it only cools down to 100 in the evening. The only relief is that the sun is not beating down on you.

Hope you are staying cool wherever you are!


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