Saturday, July 10, 2010

Life in the Desert: Part Two

Before I continue with my Life in the Desert post, I wanted to talk about an artist that I saw at Borders tonight. His name is Elijah Bossenbroek and he plays classical piano music. He was the guest performer tonight from 7 to 9. He was so good. In fact, we bought two of his cd's, which I had him autograph! I would highly recommend checking out his music.

Okay now back to Life in the Desert part two:

Being from the
Midwest, I have always been used to critters found in the great outdoors. Opossums, mice, a few snakes, and rabbits to name just a few. Well, along with those, Arizona has a few others. I talked about the scorpions last entry. Now it's time to look at the lizard. These little guys are everywhere! You can find them in the backyard, the parking lot, the garage, and even in the flower pot! Some people might be offended by these quick footed reptiles, but they do help with the insect population and maybe even with the scorpions. I at least hope so!

Now not to mention the rattlesnake would be a true disservice to this slippery reptile. However, a few people that read this blog have some problems with snakes, so I decided to cut the pictures. Let me just say that there are 13 different types of rattlesnakes in Arizona!! MOTH (man of the house) has only come upon 1 while hiking. I was not with him at the time and the camera was in his backpack. Suffice it to say, the picture did not happen. I'm not sure what I would have done if I had been there.

Now it would not be unusual to see these folks walking down the street in your neighborhood.

They don't call it the wild west for nothing!!

I'm always amazed at the people who let their dogs and cats run free in the neighborhood. While the Javalina is a herbivore, the coyote is not! Wake-up people!!

Well, I feel like I have talked enough tonight. I will be back tomorrow with Life in the Desert: Part Three.

Good Night!


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  1. I am laughing soooo hard that you had to be cut out of that skirt. Glad to know I am not the only one!