Friday, April 2, 2010

I can't believe that my spring break is almost over. As usual it went by too fast. I'm afraid Monday morning will be here before I know it. I had the hardest time sleeping in this week. 7:30/8:00 was as late as I could go. But I bet on Monday morning when the alarm goes off at 6, I will wish that I could sleep till noon. I don't understand it.

We attended our church's Good Friday service tonight. They had two, so we decided to attend the later one at 8. It was really good. They are planning 10 services on Easter!! I can't even imagine it!

The last few days have been spent doing a few of my favorite things. I went shopping with my Mom on Wednesday. Love THE LIMITED. Waxed my car on Tuesday. Yes, I did say wax my car. Had lunch with a friend today at the Elephant Bar. Yummy Yummy! I even found time to do some work for school.

I think we are going to head out tomorrow for a "little hike," so I guess I better get to bed. Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!