Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Start Your Day with a Donut!!

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday. It was a little difficult getting started this morning after having yesterday off, but after one Dunkin Donut I was ready to go. I have to blame my mom for this one. Sorry mom! When I was growing up, we always had a donut for breakfast. Of course you had to eat your cereal first, but a donut was always waiting for us. I'm actually surprised I don't weigh a ton!!
I know this is terrible, but I am already counting the days until spring break!!! Tomorrow is field day, so that will pretty much take up all day. Can you believe we are having field day in February!?!? That was usually something you would not see until at least May in the Midwest. I guess I will have to keep time for some of the events. That should be interesting. I will be dressing in layers tomorrow. It gets pretty cold in the morning, but hopefully by noon we will be 70.
I'm sure there will be lots to update on this tomorrow.

I guess I should think about some dinner. Talk to you later!


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