Monday, August 3, 2009

Only seven days until school starts!!! I can't believe how fast the summer has gone. It definitely has been a busy one. I hope I can really enjoy these last few days of my break. I fixed some of my new tea tonight, fresh cherries white tea. It is so good. I have decided that I have been drinking way too much pop. My new goal is one pop a day and the rest drinking water or tea. Maybe I will even be able to drink less pop over time. You have to have a goal right??

Last week, we were able to take advantage of a few of the sights of San Diego after my classes each day. I think one of my favorite places to visit was La Jolla. I loved it for its shore line and of course the sea lions, who call it home. I also loved Coronado Island. The beaches were awesome. It was also fun to walk through the hotel del Coronado. I had been there twenty years ago, so it was neat to see it again. I heard on the news today, that San Diego had felt an earthquake. I had wondered what I would do in an earthquake. I guess I was just one week too late. The one thing I especially appreciated was the cooler temperatures. Most days were in the mid to high 70's!!

Today, I had my cleaning appointment for my teeth. I always hold my breath that I don't have any cavities. I love my dental hygienist. She is so sweet and feels bad that I have such bad luck with my teeth. I think I might be a hopeless case, but she always gives it her best shot!

I think we are planning on visiting Grandma T. in Tucson on Wednesday. She is still recovering from her hip surgery last month. Hopefully she will be able to go home later this month. I would like to bring her something, but I think she probably just appreciates the company. Unfortunately, she is blind, so that definitely limits her mobility.

Well, I guess this is all for a Monday.

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