Friday, August 7, 2009

I had a great Friday. I started my day by stopping by my new school to see my room and to drop off a couple of boxes. I was pleasantly surprised when the assistant principal took me to my room. I have never had so much storage in a classroom before. I went from none last year to lots this year. I'm not complaining because you can never have too much. I also have a sink. I know for those non-teachers out there you are probably asking why would anyone get excited about a sink. Let's just say that it will come in handy with children moving back and forth. I also had to get a new I.D. badge. I will not use keys at this school; you just scan you badge and the door opens, so that is nice. Less stuff for me too lose!

I then met my mom at Desert Ridge. Desert Ridge is an outdoor strip mall. We both needed to get some things at JoAnns and Bath and Body. Between the two of us we bought a total of 7 hand soaps!! Midnight pomegranate is my favorite right now. Afterwards, we enjoyed a salad at B.J's. I'm not sure why, but the last couple of days we have not hit the century mark with our temperatures. I can't believe how much better 93 feels verses 100 plus!

It's time for bed, so I better close.

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