Monday, August 17, 2009

I can't believe it is Monday night!!! Where did the weekend go? A fellow teacher asked me if I had a nice weekend. I know we did, but nothing stood out in mind. Oh well, that is a good thing ( I think). Saturday was spent at a hair appointment and cleaning. Yeah for cleaning!! Not really, but it sure does feel good to have a clean house. I bought a pork roast on Friday and I was very disappointed when I went to put it in the crock pot Saturday afternoon. It had a really bad smell to it!! I had never smelled rotten meat before and let's just say I won't forget that smell any time soon! I was brave and bought another one. So, 20 hours later, we had delicious pulled pork. My brother had told me to cook it for 20-24 hours. It definitely made it very tender. This was a very easy meal that we will have to try again. I'm trying to plan our meals one week at a time.

Today was the first day of school. My morning was very busy. It went very smoothly getting all the students to their classes. The afternoon was a lot quieter. Of course in a few weeks that will change. I'm looking forward to working with these students. Our school day ends at 2, so today I left at 2:30. That felt weird. I'm used to a later day. I took advantage of the time and went to a teacher store and Staples. There is always last minute things you need.

We grilled hamburgers and corn tonight. You can't beat corn on the cob grilled. It was very yummy. I guess it's time to clean the kitchen. Hope everyone has a great evening!


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