Sunday, August 9, 2009

I guess the last weekend before school starts (for teachers at least) is winding down. I must be getting older, because the time is flying by. And the Arizona heat has returned. We enjoyed some really mild temperatures the last few days. The cooler temperatures are getting me anxious for fall. Of course fall in the southwest is a lot different than fall in the Midwest. It is probably one of my favorite seasons wherever I am.

Yesterday we went with my parents to Prescott, Arizona. I enjoyed the drive except for the 20 miles of winding road between Wickenburg and Prescott. I have already put everyone on notice that I will not go that way again! I have terrible motion sickness, so all I can say is that Dramamine is my best friend and I never leave home without it. We enjoyed great barbecue at one of their local restaurants. They serve corn on the cob as a side. I love corn on the cob and never miss a chance to eat it. If I could have a garden in Arizona, I think it would be made up of entirely corn!! We then walked around a craft show they were having in the town square. I think I enjoyed watching all the dogs more than crafts. I have never seen so many people out with their dogs. Pushing dogs in strollers was really cute! We finally drove to a campsite near a lake that ONE day I might be inclined to camp at. I have to admit, it was pretty. On our way home we stopped at an outlet mall. We thought we hit a gold mine because after 5 all meals in the food court are five dollars. It doesn't take much to get us excited does it? We got home around 7.

Today we went to church and then spent sometime at the bookstore. I was needing a new book to read, so two friends suggested Sundays at Tiffanys. It looks good, so I'm anxious to start reading it. I need to get some laundry done, so I will close for now.


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