Thursday, August 6, 2009

It has been a quiet day here. I did some cleaning. I have also started to prepare my classroom, well at least mentally. I plan on going into school tomorrow and checking my room out. I have not seen it, so I need a visual reference to plan my classroom environment. This year my room will probably look very different than it ever has since my role has changed. I am excited about this new opportunity, but it will feel different. I have always enjoyed getting my room prepared for the new school year. I always felt this was a strength of mine. I definitely believe that classroom environment is vital to learning no matter what the age. I am working on gathering some pictures that relate to me and making an about me board. I found some cute ideas that will help me introduce myself to this new group of students I will be working with.

I'm also happy to report that Lucy and Ethel are STILL alive, so they will be having a new home next week. We ditched the snail (he was already dead) and they seem to be a lot happier. It has been awhile since I have had a class pet, so we will see how this goes.

I also signed up for some classes coming up that are offered through the district. I always feel like I never have time to take advantage of these, so I'm looking forward them.

I think I'm meeting my mom tomorrow to run some errands. On Saturday we are taking a "stay-cation." I heard this cute term used to describe vacationing close to home from one of the other blogs I follow. I think we are heading to Prescott and scout out some places to camp. Yes, you heard me correct. I did say camp. Of course everyone has different definitions of camping, so we will see. haha

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

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