Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Joyful Journey- Day Six

It's Tuesday and that means it's American Idol night. I'm really enjoying it this season. Adam, Kris and Danny are my favorites. I'm glad Scott had a good night.

I love the radio station I listen to here. It is part of the American family radio stations based here in Phoenix. A husband and wife team up for the morning show. Chris and Emilee provide a lot of fun and good times. They have a segment where they give the audience a mind bender to answer. Usually you can win cd's or something. I shared today's mind bender with my class. I had only one student figure out the answer. All of them enjoyed it so much, they wanted to come up with their own. It was a great way to fill time between our tests.

We made our monthly trip to Costco tonight. I love that store!!!! They didn't have our bagels, but that was okay. That place is always busy regardless of the day or time.

I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my uncle today. Ron, I hope you had a great day!!!


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