Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Little of This and A Little of That

Spring break is here!!!!!! I am excited. We don't have much planned and I'm happy about that. It should be a
nice, relaxing week!!

Pi Day
Pi day seemed to be a success. I would probably do some things differently, but overall I think they had a good time. Thanks Safeway and Frys for donating the pies!! Unfortunately I left a few pieces out at school. I thought I had them with me, but when I got home they were not there. Not good!!!!!! Hopefully the custodian threw them away.

Update on the cats and the orange tree:
My brother's cats seem to be doing okay. We had trouble getting into his complex tonight. Some guy behind us finally came up and said, "Can I put my code in. I really need to get home!!" I'm also happy to report that no scorpions have been found at his house. He always seems to have some this time of year. The orange tree is not dead, so that is good. This is probably my parent's third try at growing one. I guess you could say my dad is persistent. My mom will be on home hopefully next Thursday from Kansas. My dad and brother should be home next Friday from Israel. I hope everyone is having a good time!!

That's the update for today. Time for bed!

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