Thursday, March 26, 2009

Joy - Day One

Tomorrow is Friday!!!! It's also report card day. I have decided to celebrate both of these facts with a popcorn party. I am always looking for reason to have a party. In my devotion today, it talked about having joy in all circumstances. Daily I am challenged with this. Sometimes it feels easier just to be gloomy when times are tough. Well, that brings me to the popcorn party. We are down to our last nine weeks of this school year!!!! Surviving a nine weeks grading period is an accomplishment for sixth graders and teachers as well. Besides next week is state testing. Make note...class celebration next Friday to celebrate the end of testing.

This is day one of my joy blog. My goal is to find the joy in everyday life circumstances. Thank you for coming along in my joyful blog journey.

By the way, I was surprised by the behavior of my class today. All I can say is there is hope for the future after all.


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