Saturday, April 25, 2009

My internal alarm clock woke up at six today. My one day to sleep in and I wake up on school time. I guess that means it's time to get this day started. So far, I have had my quiet time, washed two loads of laundry and brushed three cats. I need to go to Target, but that will have to wait since they are not even open yet!!

I want to share a couple things from my morning devotion today that really spoke to me. I love the book of Philippians. In Philippians 4:13, Paul states he has learned the secret to being content in every circumstance.

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

It does not matter what stage of life you are in or how much (or little) money you have in the bank account. It does not matter if you are pounding the pavement looking for a job or are an executive making a six figure income. God will give us the strength to make it through whatever challenges we face in this life. Whether it be in a time of need or a time of plenty, God will see us through. Believe me, I needed to hear this for my own life.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you have a terrific Saturday!

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