Monday, April 6, 2009

Joyful Journey

I am happy to report we have clean carpet tonight. My dad brought his wet vac over today, so we could clean our carpet.It is amazing how dirty it gets in a few months time. I want to thank them both for doing this awful job. No one enjoys it at all. Even the cats get quite freak out with the whole situation. Fortunately, only our upstairs is carpeted. We should be good for a few months!!

I had my last mentor teacher meeting tonight. They try to have a theme for each meeting. Tonight was the 50's. They had even prepared ice cream floats for everyone. They always have some clever ideas for the classroom. I look forward to next year's group.

After I got home, we made a run to Costco. We have become hooked on the Hawaiian Bowl's teriyaki chicken. I highly recommend them. They are great for lunch or a quick dinner. They are in the frozen section of Costco. Cheese, peanuts, and waffles rounded out our shopping trip.

I love Monday nights because of DWTS. Cheryl and Giles were simply amazing tonight. I was totally captivated by their performance. Now to look forward to American Idol tomorrow!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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