Monday, April 20, 2009

I am very thankful for my husband!! I came home tonight to find him fixing dinner. And he evens clean the dishes!! Life can not get much better than this!

Well, I survived another Monday in sixth grade. I only have four more Mondays left this school year. I realized today that my frustrations with sixth graders are not limited to just me. The art teacher found me at lunch today. She was wondering if the class had said anything about art today. I said no. Well, I guess she reamed them about their behavior. Not good. It is a problem that is prevalent throughout sixth grade. Attitudes and behaviors take a serious nose dive in the spring. How I miss those cute first graders!!!!!

The office also informed us today, that the school district has no more money to handle copier issues. We are only to use the copier for IMPORTANT copying. I'm like, don't they realize we have five weeks of school left. There is lots of IMPORTANT copying to be done. Budget cuts are not fun. I can't wait until next year when we will have 36 in each class with less supplies and funding.

Well, enough of my ranting about school. I hope your Monday was AWESOME!

Yeah for Monday nights. Dancing With Stars!!


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