Sunday, September 6, 2009

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful Labor Day weekend. We are enjoying cooler temperatures with a little rain, so we are not complaining.

Yesterday my mom and I did a little shopping. It was actually 5 1/2 hours of shopping!! We wanted to take advantage of some of those summer sales. My most exciting purchase would probably be my $4.99 pair of shoes that had been marked originally $50.00!! You can beat that! They are kind of a high heel, but I think they will be a lot of fun to wear that is if I don't break my ankles!! I also had my mom try some Mojo frozen yogurt. I love that place. My favorite is chocolate ( and I mean chocolate) with fresh strawberries. It is especially good for those of us who are lactose intolerant.

My first week of my Wilson reading class went very well. Basically it is similar to other reading programs I have done in the past, so it has been a little of a review. I will, however, get to count it has one hour of college credit, so that is very nice. In talking with other teachers and with the state of the overall education climate in Arizona, I also decided that this should be the year that I work towards my ESL endorsement and then on to my masters in Bilingual Education. I took the huge step of applying (huge for me) to Northern Arizona's graduate school. I then sent of for my transcripts from WSU and OSU. So now I wait. I am planning on starting my ESL classes in January. I also believe that after I finish my Wilson class, I will have enough hours for my reading specialist endorsement! This really made me happy. Probably sometime next week I will head down to the department of education to get that on my teaching certificate. Oh how I dread going down there!!

We have found (totally by accident) a wonderful place to hike. It is the McDowell SonoranPreserve Trail. I am hoping that the cooler temperatures will continue through Monday, so we can enjoy the hike. Arizona offers a variety of venues so that everyone can enjoy it's scenery. I have been thinking about getting a camelbak to hold my water. Water bottles are okay, but that just don't keep the water cold enough.

I guess I have rambled on enough. Hope everyone has a nice weekend and a great week!


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  1. My mom and I went shopping for 6 hours this past weekend too. :) It was so fun!