Sunday, September 27, 2009

I guess turning 39 is not too bad if you make a whole birthday last three days. A few members of my family went on a retreat this weekend with church, so we were unable to celebrate all together until tonight. My mom had us over for dinner and cake. I asked for red velvet this year instead of my usual chocolate. It was very yummy. And I got to take some home with us! My brother's present has not been delivered yet, so tomorrow night we are going over to his house for me to unwrap it. My parents even want to come over. I can't imagine what it is that everyone would be so interested in seeing me unwrap it. Oh well, it should be fun. Yesterday my mom and I did a marathon of shopping. It was a lot of fun. I found a couple of cute shirts and the all important denim skirt that I have been hunting for. It has a flair at the bottom that I think will look really cute with boots. On Friday night, my mom and brother went with me to the As You Wish pottery studio and made a couple of pieces. They should be ready to pick up tomorrow. I'm very anxious to see how they came out. This was my first attempt at making something, so I'm hoping it doesn't look like a ten year old did it!

No shopping trip would be complete without a visit to Hobby Lobby. I love decorating for fall and they have so many cute things. I'm glad that most of my decorations can stay up through November.

I also registered for the Susan B. Koman Race for the Cure this weekend. The race if Sunday, October 11th. I'm hoping for cooler temperatures.

I have tomorrow off for fall recess. Looking forward to sleeping in!!

Hope everyone has a great week!


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