Sunday, July 26, 2009

Well, the busy weekend has officially begun. Last night we met my family for dinner at Rumbi's. It is a restaurant with a Hawaiian theme and good food too. It is definitely a favorite of all ours. Today, I helped my mom at a fundraiser. A local church was helping raise money for mothers and babies in Uganda. My Mom sells Gold Canyon Candles, so she had a booth with her display. If you have never smelled these candles before I highly recommend them. Let's just say I have not bought a Yankee candle in the last five years. Unfortunately the turnout was very low. Hopefully next time they can get the word out about the show.

After helping her load up her car, the mad dash was on to get ready to leave for my workshop in San Diego which starts on Monday. It is amazing all the last minute things you need to do before you leave. My goal was to be in bed my midnight. It is 12:10 right now, so I'm not too far off. I am very excited to be learning about my new position while getting to know other teachers. I also pick up a few good books to read this week during my down time. I am especially looking forward to the cooler temperatures.

It's 12:15 now, so I better get to bed!

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