Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School is over!!!!!! I made it through sixth grade!!!!! It was a crazy day finishing up with the class and then checking out with the office. I'm just glad that part is done, so I can enjoy my to trip to Kansas tomorrow for my cousin's wedding. I do have a lot of organizing to do when I get home. I am really looking forward to a wonderful summer with my husband!!

My brother and I leave at 10 tomorrow for our trip to Wichita. I wish hubs was going, but he was not able at this time. It is a short trip. We will be back to Phoenix on Sunday afternoon. I am mostly packed, so I think I will make it to bed at a good time tonight.

I'm sure I'm taking too many clothes. I am a terrible packer. Somehow three days of clothes turns into six days. Oh well, you need choices, right?

I will try to give updates to my fun filled weekend. I just can't believe my little cousin is old enough to get married. Time flies!!


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