Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's rock night on American Idol. I was not real crazy about it. I guess it's not my type of music. I just hope that Danny is safe tomorrow night. Thank goodness for DVR, so I can fast forward through the parts I don't want to hear.

Tomorrow is the sixth grade's Wax Museum. It will be a very long day. They will be presenting for the school throughout the day. In the evening, the parents will be here for the performances. It should be over around 7:30. It should be a lot of fun seeing them in their costumes. They have worked very hard learning about their historical figures.

This week is Teacher Appreciation. I received a lot of beautiful flowers today. They certainly brightened my desk. One student is bringing me a Dr. Pepper every day. I appreciate their thoughtfulness.

I am always searching for the perfect Mascara. I'm trying some new mascara that BooMama mentioned last night on her blog. It is Cover Girls' exact eyelights. It sounds great. I will have to keep you updated.

I think I have rambled enough tonight. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


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