Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I can't wait for American Idol tonight!! It should be very exciting. I'm definitely hoping for a Kris win!! I can't believe all my "winter shows" are coming to an end. I was glad that Shawn Johnson won Dancing with Stars. September seems a long way off until the next season of DWS.

I have started to pack-up my classroom. I don't have as much stuff as I did seven years ago, but it's still a big job. I want to be totally out by 3:00 on Wednesday, May 27th. My flight to Kansas leaves at 8 the next morning, so there is lots to be done. Sixth graders to a great job taking things down!! I had to order three cakes from Costco for the sixth grade awards assembly next Wednesday. I'm hoping there is some cake left over!!!!! I would not want it to go to waste!!! The end of the year is so busy!!

Time to go watch some t.v.!!

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