Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The day after a holiday always seems to bring its own special challenges. You enjoy the three days, but four days would have been better. I'm sure if I would have had four days, I would have wanted five. Oh well, I do appreciate the one extra day anyway.

The weather was absolutely beautiful here today. Since the Cardinals won their game last Sunday, all sixth grade had an extra recess. It's was almost too hard to come back in and get to work, but we somehow managed to do it. I think that tomorrow we should go outside for our free reading time.

One of my major jobs today was to schedule all parent conferences. It is probably one of my least favorite responsibilities as a teacher, but one that is very important. I am praying for a good conference week!!

My parents came by this afternoon and picked up the material for my tables. I also showed them my new shelf in the family room. I will need to make a run to JoAnn's and get some more material to cover the smaller table. These covers will help warm up the room.

Well it's time for a run to Quick Trip! No NICS tonight! I hope we can make it!

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