Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blog Design Finished?????

I think I am finally happy with my blog page now. It's only taken me a month to find a design and layout that I like!! There are so many choices and things to learn. I'm sure I will make more changes in the future! I love the music by Natalie Grant. I think the words really speak for themselves.

It's clean car day!!! I think my dad finally has us trained to realize that our car needs cleaning at least once a month. It may not rain much in Arizona, but it sure does get dusty. So, we will go over later for a little soap and suds. I think my mom will also have both tablecloths done!!!

I have the absolutely biggest sweet tooth ever!!!! Just ask my dentist. Lamars has absolutely the best donuts! I guess you can see where this is leading.

Hope you indulge in your own sweet tooth experience today!

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