Sunday, March 14, 2010

Well, we are having a very busy, but fun few days with my cousins from Kansas. They came in last night and will be here through Wednesday afternoon. Today's highlights included a great Sunday lunch compliments of my mom, an abbreviated hike, Sunday night church followed by banana splits at my brother's. I'm actually a little tired tonight! Tomorrow I am taking a personal day, so we can have a fun filled day shopping. I'm looking forward to going to the H&M store. I have heard some great things about it, so I'm anxious to see for myself. The temperature is suppose to be 79, so it should be a beautiful day. I think we will be having dinner at our favorite Hawaiian restaurant in Arizona, Rumbi! It is a lot of fun when friends and relatives come visit! I know I must put on at least 5 lbs!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!


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