Sunday, March 28, 2010

Well, it's finally spring break! I guess we are going to do a "stay-cation" and find some fun things to do around Phoenix. Years ago on my spring break, I would always go to Arizona. Now that I live here I'm not sure where you go. California? My weekend started with a much needed trip to my hair dresser. Mandy had a baby in February, so I had actually gone 8 weeks since a cut and quite a bit longer for highlights. Let's just say between the noticeable gray hair and the mullet that appeared to be emerging, it was becoming a scary sight.

This is a great time in Arizona to find things to do outside before it gets too hot. We found a small craft show to walk around yesterday. I bought a cute beaded bracelet there. I probably own more bracelets than any other piece of jewelry. It was a small fair, but still fun to walk around. We also stopped by Holland Boone. I had never been there been there before. They seem to specialize in pewter decor from serving plates to wall decorations. They had a lot of other cute stuff too. Everything from Italian pottery to Mexican glassware plus quite a bit of seasonal decorations. I will definitely go back there again.

I guess it's time to have some lunch and get ready for church. I hope everyone has a great Sunday!


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