Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tornadoes in the Desert?!?!

I can't believe this. We are under a tornado watch until 10 tonight!! This is Phoenix!!! I didn't think you were suppose to have tornadoes here. I was at my writing class tonight (it is located at the district offices). We were there about 15 mins. and then word came from the superintendent that everyone had to leave. They were expecting hurricane type winds and they were closing all the school buildings. I also heard that there were 5 overturn semis on Interstate 8. Most of the trees planted in Phoenix are not rooted very deeply, so the the cacti is really blowing. I think this could be a very interesting evening. I was scheduled to go to Tucson with the sixth grade tomorrow, but that was cancelled. I just heard on the news that Phoenix is suppose to get a year's worth of rain in a day and a half. Wow!! I wonder if I might just get a "rain day" tomorrow??

I think we will enjoy a nice evening at home tonight. I wish I had a book to read (Yes, I could be reading my linguistics's book, but that's not fun). Hopefully there will be something interesting on t.v.


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