Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Cardinals Win!!! It was so exciting that one of my teams won this weekend. We went to one of the Sun's games Friday night. While it was exciting, they lost in the last 10 minutes. And of course, the Jayhawks fell to Tennessee this afternoon. Oh well, the season is early.

We had a beautiful weekend in Arizona. We did some hiking and some cleaning/organizing. I was an awesome wife and watched a guy movie Saturday night. I feel a chick flick coming on soon. hehehe After church tonight, we got a bite to eat and walked around Walmart. We are so exciting.

I will be starting my graduate classes this week. Tuesdays will not become my longest day. My classes will be from 4-9. At least I will be only 5 mins. from home, so that is a positive. I started my writing class last Thursday. I think I will enjoy it. We will be receiving one children's book each class, so I'm really excited about that. Hey it's free books!


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