Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well, to say it has been an emotional roller coaster the last few days would definitely be an understatement. My cousin's wedding was wonderful! It was planned and prepared so beautifully. I think I might be a fan of the color yellow now. I was able to spend most of Friday morning with her as she got her hair done and finished the last minute preparations. I like to think that I was her personal assistant (or slave as her sister said it). It was a lot of fun and the memories I will treasure forever. All of my cousins humored me and allowed a cousin picture to be taken before the wedding. I had wanted this pictured since last summer when she got engaged. I had found special cousin frames that I wanted to give to them as a special gift.

As wonderful as the day was, there was a cloud hanging over us. My uncle had been diagnosed with cancer eight months ago. Those months were very difficult on him both physically and emotionally. It seemed that every time he went to the doctor the news would be getting worse. The last few weeks, he had started to use an oxygen tank as his breathing had become very laboring. The pain was also becoming unbearable. The only thing that helped a little was morphine. Through the help of my dad and brother, he was able to attend all the wedding festivities. But it took just one look at him to realize that the cancer was winning the battle over his body. When I told him bye on Saturday afternoon, I knew I would probably not see him again this side of heaven. Later that evening while at home his health deteriorated rapidly and he was rushed to the hospital. He continued to fight, but finally his body could not take it anymore. He passed way yesterday morning at the age of 59.

I would ask that you keep my family in your prayers. Especially my grandma. Everyone says burying your child is the hardest thing for a parent to do. But God is still on his throne and I look forward to the day when I will be reunited with my uncle and others who have gone on before me. What a wonderful hope we have that this world is not our final home.


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