Thursday, June 11, 2009

I finally finished cleaning the office and laundry area today. Slowly I will get things marked off my list. If anything we should be able to at least breath better!! I'm meeting a friend in the morning and I have an appointment in the afternoon, so we will see how much I get done tomorrow.

I'm also trying to find new meals that are easy and quick that I can use when school starts back up. My cousin and mom told me about these Idaho potato mix made with 100% Idaho potatoes. We tried them tonight and they were not too bad. We will definitely have them again.

I'm excited that my parents are coming home tomorrow. They have been in Kansas for the last month. This is the longest period of time they have been gone. With the wedding, visiting relatives, and of course my uncle's funeral they have had a lot going on.

I guess this is all for now. Hope you have a wonderful Friday!!

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  1. You have the cutest blog...the colors just grab glad to find your music too...