Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week One is Done!

I had a great first week of school! I'm really loving 2nd grade. I just hope I get to stay in this grade for awhile and not be moved around. I guess time will tell. One of my lovely homeroom mothers came in on Friday to stuff our Friday folders. It was a huge help for me. She was so sweet and brought me in a lemonade from Starbucks and a homemade goody. I really appreciate her kindness.

The MOTH (man of the house) treated me Friday night to some delicious pizza from Streets of New York. It was so good. I was either really hungry or that was the best tasting pizza I have ever had! Either way the leftovers tasted pretty good on Saturday too! We walked around Desert Ridge for awhile, but I was so tired I could not wait to get home. I'm hoping that is not a sign of my age, but rather completing the first week of school! ha

Saturday morning I went with my brother to take his new cat Marco to the vet. If anyone has cats only, I can not say enough about taking them to a cat only vet. We have found a great place in Scottsdale that we feel does an excellent job. Marco is a very sweet cat that seems to adjusted well to his new home. He is one lucky cat!

Last night we had a wonderful dinner at our friends Jason and Laura from church. I'm going to have to get her recipe for salmon. It was fantastic! We had a great time playing games and enjoying each other's fellowship.

And added bonus to our Saturday evening was a very nice rain shower. I'm not sure at this point if it cools things off or not, but at least the plants had a nice drink.

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday. I need to start getting ready for church.


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