Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Survived the First Day of School!!

Wow!! I can't believe it has been over a week since I blogged. I guess school has kept me pretty busy. I have had a great start in 2nd grade. I was wondering if I would remember how to work with 7 year olds, but I guess it's like riding bike. You never forget. I have 23 students which is very nice. I realize how fortunate that is. I can only hope it stays that way. They are very sweet and excited to be at school. Tonight was parent orientation. My 2nd grade team is so prepared. They already had a power point presentation prepared which made it very easy talking with the parents. One parent told me that their daughter said this was the best start they have ever had in school (Ok..I know they are only in 2nd grade, so they have not had many first days, but still).

I think I will sleep good tonight. It's raining!! I love the sound and smell of rain. And when you have not seen a drop in months it's pretty sweet thing. Hopefully it will help cool things down.

This is all for now! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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