Saturday, November 28, 2009

Well it has been a pretty busy few days here. We had a very nice Thanksgiving with our family and friends. We had two special guests all the way from China celebrating their very first Thanksgiving. My parents and brother work with International Students Inc. and have become friends with these students. One is attending Arizona State and the other is going to the International School of Global Management. I don't think a smoked turkey has ever had it's pictures taken as much as this one did. It was fun watching their expressions as they tried to take it all in. They definitely had a sweet tooth. They really seemed to enjoy the Dream Pie, a staple at most of our family gatherings. After lunch, we all when on a little hike. It was a beautiful day to work off all those Thanksgiving calories.

It has always been a tradition to get up early the day after Thanksgiving to see if we can get any great deals the stores are offering. My family has probably been doing this for the past 30 years. Well this year would be no different. I set my alarm for 4:45 a.m. and met my mom at Steinmart by 6:30!! I know most people will find this weird, but I think it is fun to go out in the morning while it is still dark. However, I would only do this one day a year. I do have standards. I would not wait all night in line or be at any store before 4! We like to go out the day after Christmas too, but it's usually 8. And yes, we did find some good deals!! By noon, we were dragging so we went back to my parent's for lunch. Some of use took a nap. Later in the day, my whole family went to see The Christmas Carol. A great movie for the holidays.

Today I spent most of the day taking down fall decorations and putting up Christmas. I need to find a couple more extension chords, but at least the Christmas tree's lights are on. The weather has turned a little cooler here, so it kind of feels like the holidays. I never thought 55 degrees would seem cold!

I guess this is all for now. I hope everyone has had a great holiday weekend.


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