Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why Thirty-One Gifts?

Wow!  Was it hard to get up this morning!  Three day weekends are so nice, but 21 first graders were calling my name.  It was time to go back to work.

I have been working in my current school district for  five years now.  Four of those years I have taught something different.  That alone makes things interesting.  I must say it makes me very tired.  I guess that is one of the reasons I have decided to sell Thirty-One.   I'm looking forward to doing something from out of my home where I don't have recreate myself each year.  Also, my husband decided to go back to school full time last year, so any extra income is helpful.  I'm not a salesperson.  I truly believe the products sell themselves.   I always said that I could not sell a band aid to someone who was bleeding.  This new adventure is not about being the best Thirty-One consultant,  It is about upholding all the characteristics of the wife of noble character found in Proverbs 31.  Something I believe in.

Have a great night!


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