Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wow!! Has it really been two weeks since I last blogged?? So much to write about, but I will try not to bore anyone. I started off the week trying to make sense of linguistics enough that I could write a coherent paper about it. I spent much of last weekend, working on it. I had spurts where I had some good ideas and then it would all dry up. It was very frustrating to say the least. I really don't like that class. I thought I had it all wrapped up so that on Monday I would just be tying up any loose ends. Well, at about 11 that night I suddenly realized that my margins did not fit the ALA format. I quickly fixed them and hoped I would still have enough information to cover four pages. Well, unfortunately, I was a whole page short!!! By 1 a.m. I had managed to come up with enough words to finish the last page. I say words because I'm not sure they had anything to do with my topic, but they did fill up the page. Linguistics is probably the wrong class to try to find irrelevant information and try to make it work. Oh well, I guess I will find out Tuesday night how I did.

Not only did I have my class Tuesday night, but I also had the "fun" opportunity to take 160 sixth graders to Tucson, so they could tour the University of Arizona. On the bright side, I did have 4 hours to just relax in the charter bus. I had never been to the U of A (we are more loyal to ASU) so it was interesting getting to see it You may wonder why we are taking the students to visit the different state universities at their age. Well, if it encourages at least one of them to pursue higher education then it was well worth the effort.

You may have noticed from my blog that I like cats. Annie had been a barn kitten. In fact she was only six weeks old when I picked her up from my friend who lived out in the country. The year was 1992!! She was this cute gray kitten that quickly became a member of the family (don't ask my mom about that). Annie saw me through college and all the various moves we had made in the last 15 years. I had her before I was even married!! Anyway, after Annie turned 17 last April, I could tell her health had deteriorated. Now she was still cranky and bossy, but she was slowing losing weight and not eating her cat food. Lately, her diet had become baby food, but she did still enjoy a good powder sugar donut every once in a while. The last few weeks she was having even more difficulty digesting her food. The writing on the wall was slowing coming into focus. I was hoping she would make it to April, but that was not to be. I came home Thursday from school, to find Annie really suffering. I knew she was not going to get better and a decision needed to be made. We decided to go ahead and have Annie put to sleep that afternoon. While it's always a difficult decision to be made, I knew that Annie had lived a great life and shouldn't suffer anymore. It is definately the worst part of owning pets.

So there is the week in review. Looking forward to a more calm week ahead!


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