Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finally an evening at home. Yeah!! This will be the last one for the next five days. I suppose I should take advantage of the time and do some homework. We will see if that happens or not.

I am happy to report that my linguistics class went pretty good last night. I received an A- on my paper which came as a complete surprise. I also thought the mid-term was not too bad. Some of the teachers in class have determined that we can miss 160 points and still get an B. Good information to know since we have to have a B to remain in the program. We celebrated my A- with dinner at Pei Wei.

Today after school, I had to run to Walmart. I had sent a request to our local Super Walmart last November for AVID supplies needed at school. Well, three months later we are getting closer to getting assistance. However, they were very nice and offered some money today to help us purchase binders and few other supplies. Thank you Walmart!!

The sixth grade solar ovens are coming along pretty well. Of course sticking the thermometers in the dirt was not a highlight especially since they were purchased by ASU. I guess we needed to know the temperature of the ground!?! Unfortunately however, we have not had much sun this week. I find that kind of funny and sad at the same time. Phoenix is suppose to be the Valley of the Sun. Finding the sunshine was not suppose to be a problem! I know that I should not even say one unkind word about our weather considering what is happening back East. We also practiced our AVID presentation today that we will be giving to the school board next week. A couple of students will be giving a short report on how AVID has helped them. I know they are nervous, but both of them have some really great things to share.

An Alpha Delta Kappa meeting and a church conference are a few of the things I have going on the next few days. Hope everyone enjoys the last few days of this week.


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