Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Little of This and a Little of That

Wow!! I guess April flew by! I have been a little blog in-active lately. I hope to do better this month.

I can't believe we are down to the last four weeks of school!! I ordered Painted Lady caterpillars a few weeks ago for our AVID classes to do some inquiry lessons. As of yesterday, they are all in their chrysalises. So, hopefully by next week we will have some butterflies. I did a form of this lesson over 10 years ago and I forgot how much fun they could be. Again, I'm not really teaching them anything new, but rather reinforcing inquiry skills they have already had in their classroom. In a few weeks the incoming 3rd graders will be coming over to tour the intermediate building. I have been asked to explain to them a little about AVID. I'm trying to think of a cute, clever, but short way to do that in 5-10 mins. Hopefully some idea will pop in my head soon!

I will be done with my second class from NAU this coming Tuesday night. This one has been so much easier than linguistics. The following Tuesday I start my ESL assessment methods class. It will be my first online class I have ever taken, so I'm looking forward to it. It only lasts about a month, so by the end of June I will have my ESL provisional certificate.

On a sad note, my father-in-law was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. He is currently undergoing chemo every three weeks, so we would appreciate your prayers. Cancer is a cruel disease that knows no boundary whether it be a child or an adult.

I thought I would share something funny before I close. I usually wear glasses most days to school, but this week I have started to wear my contacts. I can't count how many kids were looking at me funny trying to figure out what was different about me. When they finally did the next thing they said to me was, "You look so much prettier now." I guess it's time to reorder some more contacts!!

It's time for Saturday house cleaning. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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