Thursday, December 31, 2009

I can't believe I have been blogging for almost a year. It has been fun to go back and read all my posts from 2009. It's like a diary that you share with the world. Probably one of my favorite things is changing the background every few months. I added a winter background for January. Believe me, I saw my winter when I was back in Kansas for Christmas. We always seemed to stay one step ahead of it, so we didn't have any treacherous roads to travel on. We had to go through Oklahoma going to stay away from a storm. Of course that didn't bother me. We found a Garden Ridge to visit. I couldn't believe how bad the storm was in Oklahoma the day after we went through. I just read about a man who was buried under 6 ft of snow!

We had a great Christmas. It is always nice to see family this time of year. Both of our grandmothers are doing well considering one is 88 and the other is 95! The bodies may be weak, but the minds are pretty sharp! The highs most of the days were in the 20's. It made it very nice to stay in and read my book. I also go to experience one more time Kansas wind. One thing I wish Phoenix had was Dr. Pepper slushies. They were so go even when it was freezing outside. I guess it is a good reason to have to go back. Just kidding family!

Unfortunately, I brought a Arizona cold with me. I tried to be good and keep my hands to myself, but it is making it's rounds through everyone now. Sorry family! I have already put up my winter coat. It was 60 when we got home! Now I just have to remember where I put my gloves and scarf for next December!

Yesterday I took down all the Christmas decorations. It is always a little sad when I do that, but it was the best time. I realized I needed to get another storage box to store some more decorations, so off to Walmart it will be today. Hopefully I will get some cleaning in sometime.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's. We are planning on going to a movie with family this afternoon and then out to dinner. I can't believe it's 2010 already!

Thanks for reading!

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